Thursday, April 3, 2014

Casio Debuts New XJ-UT301WN LampFree Short Throw Projector For Education

Casio recently unveiled a new projector aimed at the education market. In the projector industry short-throw projectors are the standard for use in education. This new projector is known as the XJ-UT301WN and is billed, according to Casio, as the world's brightest LampFree Ultra Short Throw projector. The XJ-UT301WN comes with a native resolution of 1200x800 and a native aspect ratio of 16:10.

In addition to that, the projector also has a contrast ratio of 1800:1 and is capable of producing an image of 50" to 110". According to Casio, an 87" image can be projected from a distance of 21.5" from the screen while a 77" image can be displayed from 18.8" away. The XJ-UT301WN also has support for 16.77 million colors and there is also a built-in mini D-Sub, HDMI and Composite for video connectivity. There is a WiFi option that is also available.

Like I mentioned earlier, the XJ-UT301WN is a lamp-free projector, utilizing Casio's LampFree technology. This means it is able to eliminate a very annoying issue that every projector has...short lamp life. Most lamps for projectors do not last long and they are pretty expensive to replace. Casio's LampFree technology uses a combination of a laser, florescent element and LED light to create a hybrid light source. This light source is good. This light source is good for up to 20,000 hours and is capable of a 3,100 lumen output.

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Casio has fitted the XJ-UT301WN with 2GB of integrated memory which allows for file format storage internally. This means that you don't need an external computer to store files. In addition to that, Casio has also developed a mobile app for both iOS and Android that allows the user to annotate presentations from the mobile device as well as capture and save. What's more is that the app also allows the user to display a web browser in real time.

Casio expects the XJ-UT301WN projector to ship sometime in Q3 of this year for a retail price of $1,999.99.  

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dell Offers New Interactive Laptop, Projector And Mobile Cart Combo Aimed At Education

Dell recently launched an all new laptop line specifically built for use in the school systems. This new series, known as the Latitude 13 Education Series, was also unveiled next to an all new multitouch-enabled interactive projector and a new mobile cart.

The projector is known as the Dell Interactive Projector- S520 and offers a wireless display along with multitouch interaction. This allows for multiple users to share and collaborate simultaneously and since Dell has stated that as many as 10 different users can use the device at one time, it makes it perfect for a classroom setting.

An included whiteboard allows users to draw or annotate with their fingers, a stylus or a dry-erase marker, giving you a variety of interaction methods. In addition to that, the device also supports Intel WiDi with Miracast for wireless display through Windows, Android and iOS devices while standard 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi is also supported.

Other features included on this device are:
  • Single-chip, 0.65-inc DLP
  • Native 1,280 x 800 WXGA resolution
  • 3,100 lumen output
  • Native 2,200:1 contrast ratio
  • 0.35 throw ratio with screen sizes up to 100" diagonally from less than 3ft
  • 2GB internal flash memory for file storage
Inputs include HDMI, dual RGB, USB-B, S-Video, composite video and microphone for audio. As far as outputs are concerned you're looking at RGB and audio jacks for both Stereo and Mono. In addition to all that there are networking and control ports in the form of LAN (RJ-45) dual-USB-B, USB-A, and RS-232 along with the wireless connectivity.

The Latitude Education 13 Series of laptops come with 13.3" screens with optional touchscreens that feature Corning Gorilla Glass NBT. The screens open up in 180 degrees, which is supposed to reduce stress on the hinges should students use the laptops in unconventional configurations.

The mobile cart can house up to 30 laptops for charging and also supports secure storage, updating and transportation. There are also features for heat management and power management along with a Dell PowerConnect 3548 48-port managed Ethernet switch with cabling.

Classrooms and schools will definitely benefit from this bundle from Dell, especially schools that are trying to utilize more and more technology in the classroom. The overall price is $3,999 with a release date aimed at mid-May. Upgrading previous models will run around $799.

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What You Need To Know About Resolution Before Renting Or Buying A Projector

Last year there were a lot of resolution advancements, and along with it came major price changes in the projector world. Entry level projectors are now starting from as low as $300, but now the 1080p models have dropped in price tremendously as well. You can pick one up for well under $2000.

The lowest end projectors today will have a resolution of about 800 x 600, and can be bought for next to nothing. But these projectors aren't really good for a whole lot, and their pictures aren't even close to satisfying. These projectors account for a very small amount of sales, and are generally the ones you see used in elementary schools. Every current computer now has at least XGA resolution, and so are most tablets on the market like the iPad and most of the Android models. So if you are looking for crisp image reproduction, especially with small text and graphics, you need to make sure that your projector at least has XGA resolution or higher.

If you are looking for a projector for your business, you would benefit greatly from getting at least an entry level XGA resolution model or a widescreen WXGA model projector. This is the bare minimum that you should be using in order to deliver a professional presentation. If your budget allows, you could however step up to an SVGA projector with a higher brightness, or one of the many affordable 1080p models that are currently available.

For short term use for special projects, spending this type of money isn't really a great option. Instead of investing money in an outdated model that is going to deliver poor results, you can always consider a projector rental. Projector rentals are very affordable, and the staff will be able to answer any questions that you may have and be able to help you choose a model that will deliver the results you are looking for in order to make your presentation perfect in your specific setting. Even if you don't understand the details of projector technology, buying or renting from someone who knows what they are talking about can benefit you a great deal more than jumping blindly into an expensive investment.

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mobile Phone, Mobile Computer, Mobile... Projector?

It is always cool to see how "mobile" our devices can really become. We have mobile phones and mobile computers. They all come in different shapes and sizes, naturally. Seeing them come to life is almost like second nature now. To have a new device on the market that isn't mobile is almost not even worth it anymore. There are some devices, though, that we may not think could ever become truly "mobile". Many of the devices could be seen as impractical if they were actually made for on-the-go purposes. The thought of projectors, for example, could be seen as impractical at first thought. But, by showing off all of the capabilities and uses it could serve, something that could once be thought of as impractical, has now become practical and really cool!

So mobile projectors. You may have quite a few ideas of what they could be or how they could work. Well lets look at what Android has been cooking up.

The Keecker could be the next gadget you add to your "mobile" collection. Think for a minute of what a projector is used for. It's quite obvious; to display images on a much larger scale than any TV could, all while still keeping a clear and high resolution picture. It's the same concept as when you go to the movies, but now add the ability to control it with your phone and give it the capability to follow you around. Caught your attention a bit more didn't it.

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Yes, the new Keecker is a mobile Android-powered projector robot. Since it is smartphone controlled, you know you will never lose the remote. That is, unless you a prone to misplacing your phone. It is Android based and comes standard with Google Play access. The Google Play access means that you will be able to stream for any apps already built into Google Play. Apps such as Netflix and Youtube already come built into the machine. The built in speaker is quite the nice feature as well. Now, not only do you have the ability to watch TV on any wall of your choice, but you have a much more mobile boombox as well should you want to use it as a music player.

Even though it is mobile, the 1,280x800 resolution isn't that crazy. The 1,000-lumen count light does mean that it will be bright enough for you to enjoy it with the lights on though. And, yes, it does sound like the projector version of a roomba, but it is actually quite bigger than that. With the Keecker standing at 16 inches wide and 25 inches tall, it is not exactly an out-of-the way device. It is still mobile, just a bit bigger than you may be used to. With that being said, it could still be a worthy investment should you want it just for the mobility and the apps. The price tag of around $4,000 to $5,000 is quite a bit to ask for though, considering the limited resolution rate. Either way, don't expect to see this available anytime soon as it won't be out till Q4 of this year.

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Monday, February 3, 2014

The Epson 5020UBe Offers Quality Beyond It's Price Range

Without a doubt, Epson is one of the best projector manufacturers today. They offer a ton of products for entry level home theater systems. The Home Cinema 5020UBe is one of the higher end models that they offer right now. It is a THX certified 3LCD projector with a 1920 x 1080 resolution and a 2400 lumens rated light output. It has an integrated 3D transmitter and comes with two pairs of rechargeable RF 3D glasses. The "UB" in the name stands for UltraBack. This signifies better black-level performance and better contrast than most lower end models. The "e" means that the projector has a build in WirelessHD receiver. That allows you to send HDMI signals wirelessly.

The 5020UBe is 18.4 x 15.6 x 5.5 inches and weighs 18 pounds. The square cabinet has rounded edges and a nice black/white brushed finish. The center mounted lens uses a 230 watt E-TORL lamp, which has a life of up to 5,000 hours. There are focus dial on the top and a 2.1x zoom, and there are also controls for vertical and horizontal lens shifting, just like Epson's higher end models.

On the back panel, you have two HDMI inputs, a component video, a composite video, and a PC RGB input. There is also a trigger output and a RS-232 port. The WirelessHD transmitter has five HDMI inputs and an HDMI output. There is also an optical digital audio output in case your pre amp doesn't have an HDMI input.

The 5020UBe comes with pretty much any picture adjustment you would need. It has five 2D picture modes and three 3D picture modes. You also have options for color temperature, RGB offset and gain controls, skintone controls, a color management system, five gamma presets, and advanced sharpness controls. The projector has a refresh rate of 240Hz in 2D mode and 480Hz in 3D mode. There are different frame-interpolation modes to reduce blur.

One of the best things about this projector is how bright it is. It is bright enough that you could actually watch it in a room with your lights on and still be able to watch HD content. The brightness also makes for a really good 3D experience.

Overall, this is a wonderful projector, especially for the price. You get all of the same functions as Epson's higher end models, and the brightness of a more high end model as well.

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Monday, December 16, 2013

New Projectors Allow For 2x3D Viewing

Projectors seem to be getting more and more advanced as the days go by. With more advancements in overall resolution output and color contrast, we see many of the new products bleeding together. Not many of the new projectors offer anything different from each other, other than a brand name and subtle spec differences. 3D projectors offer the 3D experience that we've come to know and love. 2D allows for higher resolution rates and is the standard in the home theater system. What if there were a projector, or projectors, that could make 2D and 3D possible at the same time?

Researchers from the Kanagawa Institute of Technology in Japan have now made this possible.

Through using a pair of projectors working in tandem with one another, a "2x3D" image is displayed. This basically means that the image displayed can be viewed in both 2D and 3D simultaneously. There are specifications that will need to be met to view the 3D and 2D images on the same "screen though.

The projectors have the two separate images run through a specialized GPU in real-time. The GPU uses a series of advanced algorithms that allow both images to be displayed without having the "double" image that is accompanied with typical 3D imaging. This paired up with color mixing techniques also produced from the projectors' GPU, the 3D image will appear "invisible" unless viewed through polarized lenses.

This type of "screen sharing" is actually reminiscent of a 3D TV monitor from Sony's Playstation that allowed two players to play on the same full sized screen without seeing what the 2nd player would see. Through the TV's "SimulView", the monitor was able to perform the same basic principles as the Japanese projectors.

The one downside of the imaging is that the 2D image is half the contrast of the 3D image . But there could be prime uses for this product such as having two separate images being displayed at the same time without any screen overlay. Displaying in different languages for business meetings, or two separate graphs without overlap.

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

New 4K HD Projectors From Sony Starting At $15,000

Whether it be for a home theater, or your business office's conference room, a top of the line projector can really make a difference in quality and size. Sony has already released their line of 4K TV's already in production, along with a respectively sized price tag. The projector's by Sony have already seen consumer production in SD, HD, and even 3D models, but have now decided to step up their game. 4K HD projector models from Sony are now in production.

A little over a month ago at CEDIA 2013, Sony came with a new line of projectors; the new SXRD projectors to be exact. Their new line featured two different 4K models and one 1080p HD model.

Now if your business or home theater system needs the top of the line in projector imaging, both 4K models, the VPL-VW1100ES and the cheaper VPL-VW600ES will both offer you a 4,096 x 2,160 pixel count. Since both are offering the same pixel count, what would constitute the price difference? The only notable differences between the 1100ES and the 600ES is that the 600ES will be featured with lower contrast and brightness levels in a tinier frame. The price difference between the two is quite a huge jump though. The VPL-VW1100ES will put you back a pretty $28,000 while the VPL-VW600ES (with the exact same pixel count) will only run you about half the price at $15,000. If you or your company need the prettiest picture with the highest brightness and contrast, be ready to drop twice as much for that luxury.

If both of the models are a bit rich for your blood, the VPL-HW55ES is the newest edition to the 1080p projector line from Sony. The 55ES is now available for commercial sales with a better cooling system to help with the longevity of the lamp and "increased optical efficiency". The greatly decreased price tag of $4,000 should also be a good incentive to pick this up, especially if you or the office aren't quite ready for 4K displays.

After seeing how the prices for the 4K TV's have slowly decreased, it can only be assumed that the projectors too will start to come down in price in the same rough time frame. Most companies could greatly benefit from the two 4K projectors, especially for larger conference rooms or even large scale events where an increased pixel count could really help with the visual display. The 1080p model seems more suited for smaller businesses or home theaters and could make a great gift this holiday season to really help complete that top of the line home entertainment system in the man cave.

The VPL-HW55ES is available now. Both 4K models, the VPL-VW1100ES and the VPL-VW600ES, will be available later this month for consumers.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

New Mobile iPower Sight Projector from iPowerUp

According to manufacturer iPowerUp, the iPower Sight is a small box projector that is capable of producing images from your smartphone, tablet or computer in sizes of up to 200" diagonally, which is saying a lot for a device that can fit in your pocket.

The projector itself is indeed small, measuring 4 x 4 3/4" and weighing a little over 3 ounces. Even though these measures aren't exactly "pocket-sized", it is still pretty small for a projector and is definitely mobile. Like I mentioned earlier, this projector is capable of producing images of up to 200" diagonally, though you really only want to utilize this feature if you are in a completely dark room and only if you are using an actual projector screen instead of a wall or flat surface.

For quick use in average conditions, a 50" image from the iPower Sight on a white wall is completely adequate. Actually, when you consider the size of the projector, you come to realize that the picture quality is pretty impressive as the projector uses a DLP chip covered in tiny mirrors that reflect LED light onto the screen.

This projector's lamp is capable of producing 85 lumens of brightness, which is better than almost every projector of this size, and is capable of producing images with a resolution of 845 by 480, qualifying it as a high-definition projector. Unlike most projectors that require a power outlet in order to function, the Sight is capable of running on battery power, though it only lasts for about two hours.

There are on-board speakers for sound output anywhere, anytime, though connecting to a speaker dock or another set of external speakers is a good idea if you want the best sound quality possible, especially if you will be using this projector frequently for video watching.

If you want something that is highly mobile and capable of producing a pretty good image from your smartphone, tablet or computer then iPower's Sight projector is a good find. At a price of $350, this isn't a bad deal if you are looking to take this projector on the road with you or if you want to put something in your child's bedroom in lieu of a television.

Source: The New York Times - A Big Picture From a Small Projector

Monday, December 17, 2012

Student Performance Increased by 3D Projectors

Some people think that 3D projectors are simply for entertainment purposes, that they hold no real value outside of watching a movie or playing a video game in the third dimension. However, recent studies have discovered that this is entirely inaccurate. New research is showing that the use of 3D projectors, along with other 3D technology, in the classroom is improving the concentration and test results of students.

This new research is being carried out by the International Research Agency at the bequest of Texas Instruments. Texas Instruments has invested a lot in classroom technology through calculators alone but is also one of the foremost chip technology experts in the world. In addition to that, the company saw the introduction of 3D projectors and 3D glasses to class members that were participating in the research.

The International Research Agency monitored the students and discovered that 86% of them achieved better results in the post-test than they did in the pre-test when using 3D technology. It was also discovered that only 52% improved in the control classes, or the classes that were only given 2D technology for the post-test.

In the 3D in Education White Paper, Professor Anne Bamford, who is heading up the research, stated, "Individuals improved test scores by an average of 17% in the 3D classes, compared to only an 8% improvement in the 2D classes between pre-test and post-test. The teachers commented that the pupils in the 3D groups had deeper understanding, increased attention spans, more motivation and higher engagement."

Moreover, the research also studied classes in seven countries across Europe that are adopting the 3D technology. These countries included the United Kingdom, France and Sweden. The studied surveyed 740 students in 15 schools and involved 47 teachers.

3D projecting may still be a primarily entertainment-driven market, but the potential for some serious classroom benefits are evident. I mean, an 86% increase is substantial at any level and it will be interesting to see what other findings the International Research Agency and Texas Instruments uncover.

Source: Projector Point - Classroom 3D projectors improve pupils' performances

Monday, December 3, 2012

Samsung Debuts New Pico Projector for Use with Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S Devices

Samsung has just released a new, pocket-sized projector that has been specifically designed to compliment the company's vast line of Galaxy Tab tablets and Galaxy S smartphones. Known as the new EAD-R10 Mobile Beam Projector, the device is curved like a smartphone as opposed to being brick shaped like most other pocket projectors. This makes it easier to slip the device into a pocket or bag and take it with you wherever you go.

The one major downside here is the specifications, which look like something you would find in a pocket projector from a couple of years back. The brightness only comes in at 20 lumens while the resolution maxes out at 640 x 360, meaning it is barely able to qualify as a pico projector. However, by using components that are slightly outdated, the Beam is able to achieve a smaller form factor than the Galaxy S III and a price tag of only $221.

Another downside is that the Beam appears to only be a South Korean exclusive at launch. However, this device also appears to be a good alternative to some of the bigger, heftier smartphones out there that have a projector built in, which have had moderate success in the industry in business settings as average consumers don't really see the need for a projector-smartphone hybrid.

If you are looking for a highly portable, pocket-sized projector then the EAD-R10 Mobile Beam Projector from Samsung might be worth looking into, especially if you have a version of the company's Galaxy Tab or Galaxy S smartphone. As the Beam has been specifically designed for use with these devices, you can assume that there will be more than a few features that are designed to enhance your experience with both devices. Once more info drops on worldwide availability and pricing we will be sure to let you know.

Source: Gizmodo - Samsung's Curvy Projector Is More Pocketable Than the Galaxy SIII

Monday, November 19, 2012

Tiny Instagram Projector Created on Kickstarter

A new, extremely tiny projector is looking to bring back the glory days of sharing all of y our favorite pictures with friends and family via slideshow. This device, known as the Projecteo, was funded within 24 hours of being launched on Kickstarter. The device uses 35mm slide film so you can project your favorite Instagram photos for the world to see.

Even though this device isn't the first of its kind, it certainly is the quaintest and most easily transportable. The device is literally no bigger than a Gigapet while the retro display style seems to perfectly compliment the hipster style of Instagram.

The Projecteo was inspired by the "magical qualities" of the images produced by old Rollei projectors and uses a powerful LED combined with a lens and focusing mechanism in order to project "good quality" images up to 2.5-feet wide in a pitch black room. It goes without saying that the extremely small size and LED limitations mean that this device may have problems in rooms with ambient light.

The Projecteo takes wheels of 35mm slide film that are specially produced to contain nine full color Instagram images on each frame. In addition to that, a compatible iPhone app is used to select images from Instagram and arrange them in the circular cutter and place them in a plastic wheel that slots into the projector. Additional photo wheels are available, though you have to order them separately.

Using the device is also said to be very simple. All you have to do, allegedly, is turn the device on, twist the lens barrel to focus and spin the wheel to change the image. You can still find the project on Kickstarter. A $25 pledge will get you the Projecteo, which is expected to ship in either December or January. A $40 pledge will grant you a Projecteo in Rollei P35 projector colors while a $350 pledge will allow you to work with designers to create a one-off color combination. Finally, there is also a $5,000 pledge, which could also get you one of three gold-plated devices.

Source: Gizmag - Projecteo: A tiny projector for Instagram slide shows

Monday, November 5, 2012

Sony's New VPL-HW50ES HD 3D Projector

Sony has just announced the launch of the new full HD 3D home cinema projector known as the VPL-HW50ES. This new home cinema projector has been designed around Sony's "Reality Creation" technology and, according to the company, has a brightness of up to 1,700 lumens. In addition to that, Sony explained that the high brightness level was achieved by improving the efficiency of the built-in lamp as well as the optical block optimization.

The new VPL-HW50ES comes with two modes, a Bright Cinema mode and a Bright TV mode. It is expected that whenever you operate the device in one of these two modes there is a 30% improvement to the overall brightness of the picture compared to the previously released models from Sony. One major point worth mentioning is that Sony was also able to achieve these brightness levels without compromising on the color reproduction, something that other developers have trouble with.

The VPL-HW50ES model will also come with a contrast ratio of 100,000:1 and a contrast enhancer that is designed to analyze each scene and then optimize the contrast in real-time. The enhancer is capable of adjusting for dark and bright parts of the image by itself while some functional upgrades, like a 3D sync transmitter, wider lens and noise reduction, show the clear improvements this HD model has made over its predecessors.This projector also has a vertical lens shift in the range of +/- 71% and a noise level reduced to 21dB.

This appears to be a pretty good HD projector and one that is perfectly suited for home entertainment. Sony is known for making top-of-the-line home entertainment projectors and this one appears to be up there with the best of Sony's other offerings. The fact that it offers full 1080p HD along with full 3D is something that most home entertainment junkies will eat right up. You can purchase this projector right now from Sony's website and choose from one of two colors, white or black.

Source: Gizbot - Sony VPL-HW50ES: Full HD 3D Home Cinema Projector Goes on Sale in India for Rs 2,59,900
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Monday, October 22, 2012

Three New Fixed Installation Projectors from Sony

Sony has just announced three brand new projector models that are aimed specifically at organizations that have a need for a fixed installation projector. The company is ready to launch the all new VPL-CW275, VPL-FH31 and VPL-FH36 over the course of the next couple of months with the target markets being universities, corporations, museums and medical applications that use fixed installation projectors for lectures or presentations.

All three of these new projectors will be equipped with BrightEra 3LCD Inorganic Panel technology in addition to energy efficient features and flexible installation options, allowing you to literally have the most efficient setup possible based on your situation. 

The VPL-CW275, which is a part of Sony's existing CW225 line, comes with one of the brightest outputs that the company offers. In addition to that, this projector has a new Picture Muting feature that allows for the picture to be switched off instantaneously for a brief period of time by pushing a single button. Also included with the VPL-CW275 is a lens shift range and screen fitting feature that allows you to easily adjust the device after installing. 

The VPL-FH31 and VPL-FH36 projectors are both enhanced replacements for Sony's existing VPL-FH30 and VPL-FH35 projectors. They are also said to offer the best in class image quality with both projectors providing WUXGA 1,920 x 1,080 resolution and full HD compatibility. 

Each of these projectors is expected to be released sometime between now and January 2013, according to Sony. Unfortunately, the company has yet to announce at this time a pricing scheme for these devices. 

Source: Projector Point - Sony announces three new fixed installation projectors

Monday, October 8, 2012

3M Debuts New Streaming Projector Powered by Roku

Content streaming is becoming the next big thing in digital entertainment. More and more people are digitally downloading their content and streaming it to their televisions, smartphones and other electronic devices. Projector manufacturer 3M has recognized this and created the Streaming Projector, which merges the incredible picture size and quality you get from a projector with the streaming content that Roku is known for.

The projector itself isn't very big, which keeps it in line with most technology these days. It is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and only weighs about one pound, making it easily transportable. In addition to that, the projector is capable of projecting an image of up to 120" diagonally with a resolution of 800 x 480, which isn't the best that can be offered, especially if you are serious about HD content, though it is respectable considering the size of the projector as a whole.

Adding to the convenience of the device, this projector is also battery powered and should last around 2 hours and 45 minutes per charge, meaning it should last you long enough to watch an entire movie. But if you are watching a movie near an AC power outlet then losing power won't even be an issue. Just make sure you bring the adapter cable along if you are planning on having a movie marathon.

Integration comes through HDMI, meaning you can gain access to all of Roku's content, including Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon and Crakle. You can also connect this projector to an Xbox 360, PS3 or any other HDMI-compatible device. Roku also gives you access to over 600 channels, so you will never be at a loss for content.

Internet connection can be accessed via WiFi while a small remote is also included, allowing you to control your projector comfortably from wherever you are sitting. The projector also comes with small, built-in speakers as well as audio out for hooking up additional sound systems. You can pre-order the projector right now at Amazon for $299 with the projector actually shipping on October 22, 2012.

Source: Gizmag - New 3M projector streams Roku content